Tennessee Naturalist Program

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Fourth Annual Meeting

On Friday, February 24th, the Tennessee Naturalist Program held our Fourth Annual Meeting at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. We voted on several board positions. Pandy English was reelected President, Kristin Hopkins was selected to serve as Treasurer, Margaret Cameron was reelected as Member-at-Large, and Madison May and Susan Stahl became new Members-at-Large.


The Volunteer Database and Volunteer Service Award Pins were presented. When the database is ready Nancy Garden will visit each chapter to assist with it's implementation. Chapter Coordinators will set up their own class and volunteer information and each volunteer will have access to enter their own (and only their own) training and volunteer hours. Volunteer accounts will automatically flag when a volunteer is due a new service award pin. Dr Estes

After a delicious meal was served, Dr. Dwayne Estes spoke of the need for citizen science volunteers with the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative that he leads.



Trails & Trilliums Tribute Award

Trails & Trilliums Award 2013According to Board Chair Pandy English, "The Tennessee Naturalist Program is incredibly honored to receive the Friends of the South Cumberlands' Trails and Trilliums Tribute Award. The Tennessee Naturalist Program's mission of inspiring the desire to learn and share the nature of Tennessee serves as a spark and when put into the right hands ignites a burning desire in people to give back to nature. Thank you so much!"

The inaugural Tennessee Naturalist Program was held at Owls Hill Nature Sanctuary in Brentwood. The Friends of South Cumberland instituted the fourth Tennessee Naturalist Program chapter in the state in August 2012. The Memphis Botanic Garden, Chattanooga Arboretum-Nature Center and Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville are also offering the course, and other chapters are being formed across the state.

rock layersThe Tennessee Naturalist Program owes its initial development and continued growth to the guidance and support of Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, Tennessee State Parks, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Middle Tennessee State University's Center for Environmental Education, and Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary.